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After retiring in 1989 following 45 years as a member of the Yale faculty, Seymour B. Sarason  continued to pursue his many professional interests. After the year 2000, he authored eight books and delivered numerous lectures.

 Dr. Sarason  authorized the creation of this website to showcase his life's work and to make available what was to be his final book.

Dr. Sarason's first novel, "St. James and Goldstein at Yale," (iUniverse 2005) received rave reviews in the Yale Daily News:


       Remembering Seymour Sarason 

"Psychologists and educators across the world mourn the passing on January 28, 2010 of Yale professor emeritus Seymour B. Sarason, age  91. Hailed as "the father of community psychology", Sarason joined  the Yale faculty in 1945. Enormously prolific, he published 45 books and 66 articles in diverse fields impacting human development. His last book, "Centers for Endings: The Coming Crisis  in the Care of Aged People", will be published this year."
   Yale University Website

For more  information on Dr. Sarason's life and work, see The New York Times, February 8, 2010.



Download a complimentary copy of Dr. Sarason's final and most compelling work. (For personal use only. Not for commercial use.)


"Centers for Endings. The Coming Crisis in Caring for Aged People"      

                                                            "I never expected to write this very personal book ..." 

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